Perfect Your Morning Coffee With The Stagg X Pour-Over System

Stagg X Pour Over Coffee

With the Stagg X pour-over coffee system you can finally perfect your morning coffee routine. A pour-over coffee system is the Rolls Royce of coffee brewing. They allow you the maximum amount of control over the water levels as well as caffeine and flavor extraction from the beans.

First and foremost, this is a one-cup coffee brewing system. The Stagg X pour-over coffee system was engineered to brew the best possible cup of coffee on the planet. This particular kit comes with the Stagg X dripper, 20 filters, and one Tasting Glass. It utilizes the traditional pour-over method. I say ‘traditional’ here because it’s only been in the past several decades that the world has moved to pods and coffee machines.

For centuries, the pour-over method was the only way society brewed coffee. It is also the best and most effective way to extract flavor and caffeine from the coffee beans. Using the pour-over method of coffee brewing does take longer than pods or an automatic coffee machine. But we are only talking about a matter of minutes here and the results speak for themselves.

The Stagg X dripper features a vacuum-insulated construction. This allows for maximum heat retention while you are brewing your coffee each morning. The drain system features a no-clog design so you will have a consistent drip every single time you brew a cup of joe. The sloping sides of the Stagg X dripper are built to provide maximum coffee-to-water boost extraction levels. There is also a built-in drip cup to catch any wayward drips as you pour your coffee each morning.

This is a perfect gift for any coffee lover. Whether that be you or someone you know. The Stagg X pour-over coffee system is also on sale right now where you can save a few bucks by purchasing it through Huckberry. Buy Now: $69

Stagg X Pour Over Coffee

Stagg X Pour Over Coffee

Stagg X Pour Over Coffee

Stagg X Pour Over Coffee

The Details:

  • A pour-over coffee system designed to provide maximum coffee extraction in each cup of joe brewed
  • The Stagg X pour-over coffee system brews the most consistent cup of coffee possible
  • Vacuum-sealed construction allows for maximum levels of heat retention while the coffee is being brewed each time

Buy Now: $69

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