Stanley Classic Vacuum Growler Makes Beer And Camping A Perfect Match

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, or have ever been part of a family Christmas gift exchange, you probably have a Stanley Thermos sitting around somewhere. These classic containers are built to keep the contents inside at the right temperature for a long time. Your Grandpa’s old Thermos that has been used daily for 50 years can attest to their durability. Now, Stanley has a new offering on the table for keeping your beer ice cold on your next outdoor adventure.

The Classic Vacuum Growler let’s you take your beer anywhere and keeps it ice cold no matter what the conditions are outside. Whether you’re hiking with a buddy up a local mountain path or strolling sandy beaches, this growler is meant to keep your beer ice cold all day. Unlike a normal peasant’s glass or aluminum growler, this one is built from 18/8 stainless steel. Its vacuum design lets it retain ice cold for 12 hours but keeps drinks cool for a whopping 60 hours. If you want to fill your growler with some warm apple cider in the fall, Stanley’s growler will keep it hot for 12 hours.

The growler is leak-proof and rust-proof, so it is ready to tackle any outdoor adventure with you. It is BPA free and easy to pour with one hand while you reel in your next big catch with the other like a Viking warrior. Share the 2 quarts of ale inside with your travel partner and toast to friendship, health, and the great outdoors. Thanks to Stanley, you now have a growler that you can take with you (and take beer with you) anywhere. Buy Here

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