Take Your Projects to the Next Level With This Powerful STANLEY LED Work Light

Safety is number one when it comes to construction projects, big or small, at home or on site. Helmets, goggles, gloves, and masks come to mind, but all that protection doesn’t mean much if you’re in poor conditions. Whether it’s a quick leak fix or a seemingly endless basement remodel, you’re not working smart if you don’t have proper lighting. STANLEY is renowned for their quality home improvement, renovation, and general maintenance tools and gear—for professionals and DIY champs alike. For over 175 years, STANLEY products have helped get the job done, so it’s no surprise they have a next-level portable work light that’s a must-have for any project.

Portable and powerful to get the job done

The STANLEY 5000-Lumen LED Work Light will meet all your illumination demands. The light features three heads, providing 5000 Lumens of bright LED light from 50W LED LEXTAR 2835 bulbs. There are two modes to switch from to adjust the dimness: 50% of the power and 100%. The light has a 120V AC outlet and also sports a 5V USB port to charge mobile and other devices, so you can jam to Post Malone all day and night as you work. It has a built-in power supply and 5-ft power cord as well. Another great thing about this light is its portability. It is tripod-adaptable, foldable, and lightweight. You can carry it anywhere with its ergonomic handle and the stand lets you easily set it on the ground. When you’re done using it, it can quickly fold flat for easy storage. The light is also waterproof and safe for outdoors, so you can work in damp conditions. 

Whether you’re working in plumbing, your workshop, garage, attic, or on a construction site, you can’t go wrong with this powerful and portable light. It is strong, ergonomic, and a great addition to any tool collection. The light is great for all outdoor activities, even if they aren’t home improvement-related. Bring it on your next RV road trip and have a well-lit campsite or use it on your next backyard BBQ. The possibilities are endless. Buy Here

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