Star Wars Death Star Slam Ball Takes Your Workout To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Sure, you could workout right here on Earth. You could throw around any old medicine ball. Or you could be training for the Jedi Academy. Let’s be honest, if you’re going to protect the galaxy from other worldly invaders, you’d better get training. That’s where this Death Star slam ball comes in.

That’s no ordinary workout! Nope. That’s what all the peasants will be saying when they see you across the gym. Unfortunately, you can’t use the Force on this ball, so you’ll have to do your lifting the old-fashioned way. Still, you can take out all your rage from 6+ (sorry new movies, the classics always win) movies of treachery, death, and fear all brought on by the leader of the Death Star. That’s right, now you’re getting the intensity we’re looking for.

This density polyurethane rubber ball is incredibly strong meaning it will stand up to any attack you throw at it. It is weighted like a traditional medicine ball, but meant for throwing. This means you can use it for your new-fangled wall ball training, as well as overhead slams, squats and more. It will stand up to the test for years to come. This ball has no weaknesses that we know of. If you find one, fly your spaceship directly into it and blow the thing up. Geez, the fate of the galaxy is at hand! Put your training to good use young Jedi. Buy Here

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