The Universe Is at Your Fingertips With the Stellina Smart Telescope

Discover a whole new way to experience space with the Stellina Smart Telescope. The telescope is easy to use, portable and connects to your tablet or smartphone. Enjoy the beauty of the night sky at home or in the most remote areas. Stellina’s block shape and sleek design has won several design awards, such as the Observeur du Design 2018.

When you think of telescopes, you think of heavy, bulky equipment. Stellina’s portability makes it the perfect companion for camping trips or other outdoor activities. The telescope only weighs 15 lbs and is very compact. Its small size doesn’t sacrifice power though, giving you ten hours of use with the 20,000mAh power station. That’s plenty of time to enjoy the wonders of the night sky and have an unforgettable experience.

Stellina’s app guides you among hundreds of celestial objects in the cosmos. Observe the moon, sun, stars, comets, asteroids and more with the 6.4 megapixel CMOS sensor. The telescope will position itself and find the objects you select on the app. In seconds, a picture is downloaded onto your device. It’s that simple! The app also lets you share your vision of the universe on social media and with the Stellina user community. You can even share your data to contribute to Stellina’s crowd-sourced research. It’s never been easier to explore the universe! Learn More

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