Connect with Nature in the Stingray Tree Tent

You’re never too old for a lot of things, like a packed lunch from Mom or learning lessons from Disney movies. A treehouse is no exception. Relive the fun of hanging out with your friends above ground and in nature with the groundbreaking Stingray Tree Tent from Tentsile, the perfect portable treehouse for your outdoor excursions. A tent and hammock hybrid, the Stingray provides a unique outdoor experience suspended from trees. You’ll be protected from the elements and elevated above harsh terrain, insects, snakes, and other creepy crawlies.

The Stingray is spacious and houses campers comfortably and separated. You’ll have enough room for three adults and their gear or two adults and two children. The tent is made up of 240 D inclined joint nylon polyester composite, durable fabric that can hold up to 880 lbs . A tear-resistant micro-mesh shields you from unwelcome insects overhead. The tent has a removable rain fly sheet for superior protection and stunning views.

The sheet can be rolled and toggled out of the way or folded under the tent and hooked to the central hatch to create a thermal buffer. The tent has two access points: the central floor hatch and the large front door. What’s the best part? Setup is quick and easy, taking only about 15 minutes. Weighing at just 20 lbs, the Stingray is extremely portable, packed in a lightweight duffle with all the setup equipment you need. Don’t forget to pack this on your next camping trip! Buy Here

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