Pop A Squat Anywhere With The Sitpack 2 Compact Collapsible Seat

Sitpack 2 Collapsible Seat

The Sitpack 2.0 Collapsible Seat allows you to bring a chair with you anywhere. This compact collapsible chair packs up into a tiny tube. It’s perfect for tailgating, concerts, rallies, or just about any event. Unlike a collapsible chair that still takes up a ton of space, the Sitpack 2 Collapsible Seat is easily tucked away.

Everybody knows the feeling of tired legs. Whether you’re standing out at a concert all day or been walking up a trail all day, we all eventually need to take a seat. You can bring one with you everywhere with Sitpack. This ingenious device is the size of a can and packs a supremely compact seat that you can pop out whenever you need a rest. Know it’s going to be awhile until the band comes on? Well, at least you’ll be comfortable. Buy Here

Sitpack 2 Collapsible Seat

Sitpack 2 Collapsible Seat

The Details:

  • Allows you to take a hassle-free seat anywhere you are, regardless of terrain
  • Same size as a can & weights just 1.3 lbs for extreme portability
  • Height-adjustable to fit people of all heights
  • Alligator foot clamp keeps the seat in place easily

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