Stompump Your Way to Well-Pressured Tires

There’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck on the side of the road with a flat. Traditional hand pumps, CO2 inflators and mini pumps use a lot of strength and energy, and sometimes don’t even work. And higher volume tires in mountain bikes, fat bikes and gravel-road bikes call for a pump that delivers more air per compression. Save time and energy with the Stompump, a lightweight, portable foot pump. The Stompump can inflate a tire 3 times faster than a hand pump, and has a maximum pressure of 90 psi. Pump with your body’s strongest muscles, your legs! And unlike CO2 inflators, the Stompump is eco-friendly, less wasteful and cheaper. The integrated air filter keeps the incoming air clean so your tires are free of dirt and grit.

The Stompump is optimized for medium pressure, medium volume tires, like those in bikes, scooters, strollers and even wheelbarrows. It also works with medium pressure, high volume tires, such as those in cars, motorcycles and trailers. Weighing 185g and measuring at only 73mm x 68mm, the Stompump has a small footprint. Its compact size makes it easy to stow away in any vehicle. It can easily be mounted to your bike using the included Frame Dock, or throw it in your pack or trunk. The Stompump also has an integrated center stowage compartment, where you can store tubeless repair plugs or other small items. Constructed of machined aluminum and equipped with stainless steel push-to-connect fittings and a durable flexible hose, this is a high quality, reliable pump. Whatever the situation and whatever your ride, the Stompump has you covered! Buy Here

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