This Stormtrooper Decanter Will Awaken The Secret Flavors Of Your Wine

Are you bored with storing your whiskey in a plain rectangular bottle? Does your wine need something extra to make it better? Do you just love being extra? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then stay tuned. We have the perfect item for your home, office, or spaceship.

This unique item brings together some of our favorite things: Star Wars and alcohol. Honestly, is there a better combination? Let us know if you can think of one. In the meantime, enjoy what this awesome decanter has to offer.

The custom Stormtrooper helmet holds approximately 650 mL of your favorite alcoholic beverage. Whether you want to fill it with whiskey, vodka, scotch, or use it for wine, this trooper will only say yes. After all, it’s an order. Once you pour your drink, you can close the decanter back up with the included cork stopper. This will ensure the contents stay fresh so you can leave it on the counter to enjoy later.

We all know that Stormtroopers aren’t the most intelligent beings in the galaxy. See also: Stormtrooper hitting head on the doorway. Maybe it is because their heads are all filled up with booze. Hey, if they always have their helmets on can we really rule it out?

This helmet isn’t futuristic body armor. After all, you don’t need that to keep your liquor safe. Instead, it is a lightweight super flint glass that weighs in at 950g. It may not be the most durable in the dishwasher, but it makes the decanter easier to handle and pour. That’s the important part. Easy to pour, easy to enjoy. Oh, and easy to get drunk.

The trooper is ready to be your serving vessel, wine aerator or serving pitcher. Whether you’re celebrating the destruction of the Death Star or are just having a party for the game, this handy helmet has you covered.

If you’re keener on looks alone, this decanter is perfect for resting on a bookshelf or countertop. It features incredible glass detail of the iconic Stormtrooper helmet that is instantly recognizable regardless of what it is filled with. Even if you would rather use it as a candy dish, all who see it will know that you are acquainted with the dark side. No more stealing candy when you aren’t looking. Hey! There’s another perk.

Sooth your inner Sith with a sip out of this awesome Stormtrooper decanter or frighten your enemies and enjoy all the candy for yourself. Buy or not buy, there is no maybe. Buy Here


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