Shave Like A Viking With This Straight Razor Warrior Axe

There aren’t many things manlier than a mighty beard. In fact, shaving off your beard can be rather un-manly. Unless you are shaving with this tool or you’re a Viking. If you’re using this to shave then you can do both, and retain your manhood even though your beard will be gone. Eh, we guess you can be pretty manly without a beard too. Just look at The Rock.

This handmade straight razor is crafted to resemble the warrior’s axe that Celtic Nordic Vikings carried. The ultra-sharp blade does an excellent job of chopping down your unruly facial hair. Just like the original axe did a great job of chopping down unruly enemies. Your facial hair doesn’t stand a chance against such a formidable weapon. The blade is tempered steel so it will stay sharp even with daily shaving.

The hand-carved wooden handle fits your hand nicely and gives you a safe, secure grip. It comes inside a hand-carved wooden and brass box. While you’ll love the box for yourself, it is also great for gifting to a fellow Viking. That’s right, you can earn the loyalty of your subjects without the kingly beard. Just make them shave theirs off with this axe.

We love the iconic style and handmade quality that this razor offers. You could buy any old straight razor, but then you would feel like a barber. No offense to barbers, but Vikings win 10/10 times. Shave like a Viking. Buy Here


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