‘Stranger Things’ Drive-Into Experience Lets You Experience The Show Like Never Before

“Stranger Things,” the Netflix series that took Gen Z and Millennials alike by storm, has started a pop culture revolution. We all dressed up as Eleven for Halloween and wrote our ABC’s under our Christmas lights, don’t lie. I do not believe we are truly emotionally prepared for a Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience. Grab your jacket and your car keys because we have things to see.

An Immersive Experience

During this experience, you’ll be transported to Hawkins, Indiana in 1985 and be sent on an adventure that will make you feel like you are truly in the series. You will drive into the Starcourt Mall through some of the most memorable parts of the “Stranger Things” series and maybe even be exposed to some new unusual and skin-crawling events.

This is not a trip for the faint of heart. You will be taken into the world of “Stanger Things” through unbelievable special effects and sounds. Actors will also interact with the cars and bring Hawkins to life before your eyes. Keep your wits about you though because you never know when things can go…  upside down.

Participants are encouraged to find their inner 1985 Hawkins babies and dress as though they are a part of the series. The experience lasts just over an hour and will leave you begging to come back. 

The Specifics

Although this is a drive-through experience you are not driving the whole time. You drive to the scene and then put the car in park. This allows you to have a completely safe experience where you do not have to worry about running something over or missing something exciting. There will be specific photo designated areas but there will also be areas where you will be asked to put your cell phones away because it is 1985, after all. Learn more

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