StratoLauncher IV Water Rocket Launcher Is A Blast

Remember your high school physics project where you launched a 2-liter rocket you made the night before? Now you can do it for fun. If you didn’t enjoy it the first time, this is probably where you’re about to click away. But wait! This launcher makes it so much cooler. Trust us, 2-liter rocket V2 is gonna be a blast.

Since this kit is just the launcher, you’ll need to start by making (or buying if you’re like us) a bottle rocket. Then, all you’ll need is water. Next, attach the included rocket fins to the neck of your bottle by screwing them on. These will help keep your rocket stabilized and fly further. How far? With the StratoLauncer IV, your rocket will launch up to 350ft in the air.

Then, when it descends back to Earth, don’t worry about it being a crash landing. The launcher and fins are designed to ensure a gentle landing for easy recovery. That means you can launch and launch again with little to no damage to your rocket. SpaceX up in here.

This kit supports most bottle rockets made with .5L, 1L, 1.25L, and 2L bottles. You can control the PSI from 10 all the way up to 120 for maximum power. This kit is perfect for launching your own rockets at home, at school, or to Mars. Who knows, maybe if you keep pumping for like 50 years, you’ll have enough PSI to get there. What? SpaceX did it. Why not you? Buy Here

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