Stryk RXT-1 Is A Robot That’s Trained To Kick Your Butt

Are you just too good for your current training partner? Meet the Stryk RXT-1. It is your new partner and is always ready to serve up a slice of humble pie. 

This fighting robot is programmed to help you improve and fine-tune your reflexes, reaction time, and cognitive abilities. “Combo Mode” simulates a set fighting pattern allowing you to perfect specific timing and striking. This is just one of its many creative features.

Bring The Ring Home

They thought of everything with this one—even the head. The Stryk robot features a head coupled with an automotive-grade spring that lets it take even the toughest punches and bounce back ready for more.

This is more than we can say for your last sparring partner.

Stryk has three training modes that allow for more than 100 unique combinations. We feel fairly confident in saying that you will never get bored.

Equipped with a 4.5-inch touch screen, Stryk makes switching between these modes a breeze. The arms are removable, making them easy to clean. This also allows you to vary the number of arms that you are fighting. The whole robot itself is wall-mounted, which is great for tighter spaces. Last but not least, it is adjustable by up to 12 inches. This makes it a terrific investment for people of varying heights who want to use the same machine.

Rules of Three

There are three training modes including, defend, fight and advanced. Defend focuses on reflexes and cognitive ability. Fight focuses on speed, agility, coordination, and mobility. Advanced combines hand-eye coordination and cardio.

There are also three training modes, which include practice, spar, and combination. Practice works on rhythm and flow for new fighters. It can also be used by professionals to do practice drills and warm-ups. Spar mode is exactly what it sounds like.  It is your at-home sparring partner. Combination mode puts it all together with 100+ combinations.

Across all modes, Stryk’s low-impact design makes it good for those of us who aren’t trying to go to work with bruises. This product is great for beginners and expert fighters alike. Buy here

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