Studypod Is the Home Office You Didn’t Know You Needed

Remote work is great and all, with the cut down on commute and extra free time. But does it come at a cost? Maybe your sanity? Being cooped up and mixing work with home isn’t all that great sometimes. Maybe your new coworkers are too loud or are on calls 24/7.

Perhaps working out of your dining room table or kitchen island isn’t the most ideal. Whatever the case, if you don’t have a dedicated office space, it can be tough.

No space in the home for a private office? If you have a backyard or open woods, there may be a solution. Norwegian design studio Livit created the Studypod as a detached office cabin to bring people closer to nature. The company cites that being surrounded by plants, trees, and nature improves mental health, productivity, and learning abilities.

The change of environment from your home after being stuck inside for such long periods of time is welcome. Even though it’s just outside, it can make a big difference.

Privacy in your own backyard

This zen, minimalist cabin features one large window in the front so it’s almost like you’re working outside. The black-tinted glass gives you privacy while still allowing natural light to come in. No bugs is also a good plus.

The cabin can transform into whatever private space you want. With the detachable desk, you can switch from an office to a yoga studio, gaming room, or even practice music. The cabin can even be a secluded guest room!

There are four versions of the Studypod you can choose from. The basic is just the cabin itself. Then you can add the desk, wheels, or both. Wheels can make transporting the cabin easier for changes of scenery.

The Studypod seems small at only 38 square feet, but Livit claims it can fit a king-size bed. It’s like you’re camping outdoors with the luxury of being indoors and still enjoy the views. Pricing starts at $13,500 for the basic model. Buy Here