Sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter Brings The Fun

Sublue has made the coolest toy you never knew you wanted. Whether you’re a casual beach go-er, or a serious diver, the Sublue WhiteShark Mix is going to be your new favorite water accessory. For $699 this underwater scooter gives you the power to effortlessly glide through the water as stable and swift as a fish.

The Tech Behind the WhiteShark Mix

Unlike most fancy electric toys, this one is surprisingly easy to use. All you have to do is pull down on the two buttons located conveniently on the handles and the electric motors will start spinning and send you on your way. That’s it.

These motors are powered by one 1100 hAm battery that is sealed tight, waterproof, and rechargeable. One full charge gives you 30 minutes of non stop use at over 3 miles an hour. This may not sound too fast, but the average swimmer moves through the water at about 2 miles an hour, so I assure you the 8 kgf of thrust is more than enough. Not only is it quick, it can also take you 40 meters (roughly 130 feet) deep.

Considering most coral reefs struggle to survive below 30 meters, this range is beyond ideal. This whole contraption weighs only 3.5 kg’s, light enough to carry around but solid enough to take a beating. This is no cheap plastic gimmick that’ll fall apart after one summer vacation. As light as that is, they have evened out the weight underwater by adding a float.

The plastic fin above the motors is not only used to steer and control the scooter, but is also hallowed out and lets the WhiteShark float perfectly balanced in the water at zero buoyancy to keep it as sturdy and easy to control as possible. This fin is also detachable, so packing it away to and from the beach or pool shouldn’t be a worry.

Fun for Everyone: Hardcore Snorkeler or Young Children, the WhiteShark is Right for You

For the more serious diver this tool is perfect for taking you down to your favorite coral reefs, or chasing schools of fish. The front of the WhtieShark features a universal mounting point for any action camera- given it’s waterproof. This makes documenting and filming underwater easy. Combine the easy camera mount with the silky smooth stability and you can turn your family vacation into a professional underwater film in no time.

Chances are if your kids are with you they’ve probably caught you reading this and are already asking for you to buy them one. But is it any safe for kids? Yes, actually very safe. Each of the propellers have a covering to keep any curious fingers out. Also, to work the motors each of the buttons have to be pressed, this way if your little ones hands slip off it won’t go swimming off without them and will stop right where they left it. By now the only question to ask yourself is why you still haven’t bought one.

This versatile tool is waiting to be the next hit at your impending trip to the beach. The Sublue WhiteShark Mix is exciting for everyone, meaning there’s no reason not to pull the trigger. Finally, an impulse buy you can feel confident in. Buy Here


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