These Suction Cup Travel Bottles Are Perfect For Showering Away From Home

Showering away from home can be a hassle. We mean, it can be a real pain. If you’re flying, it can be especially horrendous. Having to pack up shower supplies into small bottles that leak all over the place is enough to make you not want to shower. For the benefit of your class and the rest of us, please shower. These suction cup travel bottles will make it a little less awful.

Each of the 3 bottles in this nifty set are 2.2oz (65ml) which means you can take them on a plane and have plenty of supplies to keep you fresh. These are great for body wash, shampoo, conditioner (who says guys can’t have nice hair?) or lotion. They come with color-coded suction cup bands that wrap around the bottle and then stick securely to the wall of the shower. While in transit, a leak-proof cap means no spills.

For convenience while traveling, the containers can link together so none are lost. No container left behind! The kit comes with four pre-printed labels (Shower Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Lotion) as well as 2 blank labels. You’ll never accidentally get the wrong thing again while you’re in the shower. Oh, and while these bottles are suction cupped to the wall, just push on them to squeeze out what you need. No more fumbling around. That’s right, these bottles can save you from dropping the soap. You’re welcome. Buy Here


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