Dive 100 ft. Below Hawaii’s Ocean To Explore A Sunken Ship With This Scuba Adventure

There’s nothing as freeing as the feeling of weightlessness in the water as you dive down beneath the blue waves. In Hawaii’s beautiful water, this is even more true. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the gear, the training, or the location to really explore the underwater world. This adventure fixes all of those problems.

Your adventure begins with Dive One off the shores of Honolulu, Hawaii. On your first dive you’ll descend to 100 feet with a small group of divers. Since this is such a deep dive, you’ll need to be Scuba certified prior to diving. Once you reach the depth of 100 feet, you’ll experience several sunken boats that have settled on the bottom. You might see octopus, turtles, eels, dolphins, or even some whales. Dive Two is at 40-60 feet deep and brings you to a gorgeous reef. Here you’ll see majestic corals, bright reef fish, and plenty of other aquatic creatures.

Throughout the trip, you’ll be with experienced guides that know the dive sites. Your trip also includes you boat ride to and from the sites and all the gear you need for the dive. The whole trip lasts 3.5 hours which is longer than many similar tours. You’ll get to spend more time out in the peaceful ocean exploring its beauty right off the shores of Honolulu. Buy Here


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