Super Mario Bros. Monopoly Puts An 8-Bit Spin On A Classic Board Game

Do do do, do do, do doot doot. You know it. You love it. The iconic Super Mario Bros. theme song is probably playing in your head right now. You’re welcome. For real though, how many of us have spent countless hours playing some form of a Mario game? Whether it is the classic, side-scrolling Super Mario Bros, Mario Party, or Mario Kart, the characters and worlds are iconic. Now you can invest a few more hours and lots of fake money into your favorite game.

This officially licensed collector’s edition of Monopoly uses the classic game’s rules so it is the game you know and love with the characters you love. The game includes six 8-bit styled characters including: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Super mushroom, and 1-up mushroom. Rather than houses on your properties you can plant a green goal pole. Instead of hotels, fortify your holdings with castles. Just try not to kidnap a princess when the power goes to your head.

You may still have one question about the game? Okay, or a few. But only one important one: “Do we get to pay with coins”. Sadly, no. However, the custom Mario Monopoly money features a coin on it so you can still get the feeling of collecting those gold coins. It doesn’t get better than that. So, put on your overalls, your hat, and grow a mustache and get ready for an epic 8-bit board game adventure. Buy Here

mario brothers monopoly

mario bros figures

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