Everything You Need To Know About Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Run’

Super Mario Run

We’re officially one month out from Nintendo releasing ‘Super Mario Run’ for the iPhone and iPad. The hype leading up to the newest installment of Nintendo’s ‘Mario Bros.’ franchise is real, and iOS gamers are eagerly anticipating the release of ‘Super Mario Run’.

So how much will ‘Super Mario Run’ cost? What devices can it be played on? I’ll answer all of your questions and more.

Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Run’ will be released for iOS on December 15th, and will be playable on all iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). ‘Super Mario Run’ will set you back $10 which is quite a lot compared to the zero dollars most games cost for the iPhone and iPad.

I honestly can’t recall spending even $0.99 on a single game for my iPhone at any point but I’ve spent plenty of money on apps, so I don’t think I’ll have any qualms whatsoever with forking over $10 for the most highly anticipated iPhone game ever released.

The three major gameplay modes are World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder.

In World Tour, you will play as Mario, traversing levels to rescue Princess from Bowser. Toad Rally is the game mode which allows you to play against friends and others around the world, competing on a variety of challenges. And Kingdom Builder is exactly what it sounds like, a world which allows you to build your own Mario kingdom from scratch.

Official ‘Super Mario Run’ Gameplayer Trailer

Super Mario Run

Contrary to popular belief, this not going to be an iPhone/iPad only game. It’s initially launching ONLY for iOS but it will be coming to Android devices at some point in the future, though that particular launch date hasn’t been announced.

Once the game is released on December 15th you will be able to download it HERE in the iTunes App Store.

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