Show Your Gamer Pride with the Super Mario Soap Dish



Making your space your own exciting. Decorating in ways to show your interest and personalities is one of the most fun parts of getting a new apartment, home, or even dorm room. With this Super Mario soap dish, you can proudly show your gaming interest in a fun and stylish way.

Official Gaming Gear to Show Your Colors

It’s fairly common to see people decorate with their favorite sports teams. It’s not unusual for little pieces of decoration to show off the logo of a logo football, basketball, or baseball team. With that being said, why is it so much less common for the gamers to show their colors through the decor of their favorite games or characters? Luckily, someone out there understands. That someone is Nintendo. With this Official Super Mario Bros. decorative soap dish, you can represent your favorite Italian duo. Your soap will feel right at home in level 2-2. For those of you unfamiliar, this is the water level, making it the perfect fit for your soap. This and many other officially licensed Super Mario Bros. products can turn your whole bathroom set into a Mario themed wonderland. With most bathroom decor items, things can get a bit pricey. However, there is no need to fear here. This soap dish is only $14.99 so any gamer can take it home. This product also has 3 coins from the Mario Bros. games shown on the ceramic dish- so you’re hardly losing any money.

Most people have no problem showing their interests and tastes through their home and bathroom decor. However, gamers can feel left out. It seems there aren’t many options out there for gaming fans to show their taste in games and characters. Nintendo has come to your rescue to give you the perfect little pieces to show off your Mario Bros. love through the decor of your bathroom. Buy Here


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