This Super Mario Warp Pipe Cooler Keeps Your Drinks Geeky and Cool

Mamma Mia! Is there such a thing as too much when it comes to showing off your fandom? For fans of Nintendo legend and one of the longest-running video game characters Mario, the answer is no. Mario made his debut as the main protagonist in the Donkey Kong arcade game on July 9, 1981. Originally named “Jumpman,” the character and the game became great successes. Love of the coolest plumber in gaming history only grew from there. The Mario franchise expanded through the decades, bringing us gems like Super Mario, Dr. Mario, Paper Mario, Mario Kart, and Mario Party. Naturally, with the expansion came lots of cool merch.

A cooler way to keep drinks cool

Mario fans have no shortage of goods and accessories to bring their fandom to the next level, from clothes and bedding to wall art and special edition gaming consoles. There’s something Mario for everything. Don’t have a green thumb? Buy a Potted Piranha Plant instead. Have a cat with a mustache? Name it Mario or Luigi! You can bring your Mario love to what you eat and drink too! Say goodbye to those random boring drink koozies you got at a promo event. Why not wrap your drinks in Mario’s favorite mode of transportation: a Warp Pipe? This replica Warp Pipe cooler is made from premium green-colored foam and fits most bottles and cans. The foam is soft, yet durable and insulating.

The cool and clever design makes this a great gift for Mario fans or anyone who would love something unique. The cooler may not warp you to an icy underground cave, but it will definitely keep your drinks cold. No more worrying about your beer, kombucha, coke, or water getting warm during the next long level or boss fight! This is the perfect accessory to use while fighting Bowser or fighting through tears if you’re sitting through that really weird Super Mario Bros. movie from 1993.



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