SUPERRIDE Self Balancing Electric Unicycle, You Don’t Need Skill We Have Technology

That’s right! Once again, we have managed to take something that once took skill and talent and turned it into something everyone can participate in. Welcome to the 21st Century people. We are not sure if that is a good or bad statement so we will let you decide.

By looks alone this unicycle is definitely something that would catch almost anyone’s eye. It has the mechanical likeness of a motorcycle. If a motorcycle had one wheel. Okay, so can we just say it’s a badass unicycle? It is black and sleek and has a fender for its one not so little wheel.

Simple Driving, Simple Energy

How does one drive a self-balancing electric unicycle you may ask? Excellent question! It is simple you see, lean forward to go forward or accelerate. Lean backwards to brake. You use your body weight to turn left or right by simply shifting in your desired direction. You can do all this at up to 20 miles per hour thanks to the 1000 W motor.

Now we all know that pollution is a huge issue. So do the environment a favor and start traveling eco-friendly. This unicycle is electric baby. That’s right, no gas required. The battery charges from 20% to 100% in just an hour. This is incredibly quick considering the size and power of the battery. Even our phones don’t charge that fast. It is also the perfect transportation for those of us who forget things frequently. There is merely an on-off button. No need to worry about keeping track of another key. Thank goodness for that.

Tricked Out Cycle

If the sleek black look still isn’t enough to get your juices flowing, there is no need to feel down because this piece comes tricked out. It has an LED display so you can see it in the dark, LED headlights so you can blind everyone you pass, and it has an electric horn. No description of the horn noise is available, but we can only hope that it sounds like a semi or a freight train. Probably not, but that sure would surprise a lot of people.

This is a compact little guy as it is 26 inches from the seat to the ground. The handle bars can be adjusted to sit anywhere between 32 to 39 inches from the ground. Still, the company states that one of their 6-foot employees has no issues riding it around. This size makes it great for those of use who lack the space for a big, bulky, gas guzzling, two wheeled motorcycle. Don’t want anyone to feel like you’re compensating for something right? Keep it subtle.


People who purchased this item say that it is a bit of a learning curve but with practice you will be zooming around the neighborhood in no time. Not easy enough for a caveman, but easy enough for you. The only way to get started though is to head on over and purchase your very own self balancing electric unicycle today. No time like the present to try to be “that guy”. Buy Here


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