Supreme Mortal Kombat Arcade Cabinet Is Ridiculous But You Need It

Supreme is known for pulling some pretty crazy stunts. However, one of its upcoming drops will top them all. The OG skateboarding brand is getting ready to release a Supreme branded Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet.

For those wondering, yes, it will really play the game. In fact, it will play three of them. The first three entries in the classic fighting series will all be loaded into the cabinet. Although this is certainly an “extra” purchase, it’s one we all know we want.

Ultimate Drop

In the past few years, Supreme has taken its drops to the next level. It has released everything from branded Oreo cookies to Supreme bricks. The Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet takes the cake, though.

This is something that isn’t just cool. It’s also plenty entertaining. You could easily lose yourself in the classic Mortal Kombat games for hours in front of this totally unique arcade cabinet.

It’s worth knowing that this isn’t a full-size gaming cabinet. Instead, it’s about the size of an Ikea bookshelf. Although that might sound like a bummer, it’s actually a good thing. You’ll be able to fit the cabinet in any room of your home after an easy assembly process. If you want your cabinet to be a bit taller, you can splurge for the Supreme branded riser that adds about a foot of height.

The exterior is a decorated version of Arcade1Up’s original Mortal Kombat cabinet but features Supreme red all over. Raiden is sporting an outfit with a huge Supreme logo on it.

The cabinet features a 17-inch LCD screen and two sets of classic arcade controls. That means you can dive into some multiplayer matches with a buddy. For any fans of arcade games and Supreme’s trendsetting fashion, this is a can’t miss item. Learn more