Surge Storm Adjustable Weight Levels Up Your Home Gym

Having a home gym is great. It lets you get your workout on in the privacy of your own home without out the lunks. Planet Fitness may have a lunk alarm, but you don’t need one since the only person there is you. However, trying to outfit your home gym with a variety of different weights can be a pain. The Surge Storm is a solution to that, offering you a way to easily adjust the weight for any workout.

The secret to the adjustability is… water? Yes, water. Now, don’t bail on it yet. Give us a chance to explain. While using a weight filled with water may sound something like your college dorm workouts, this is a much more sophisticated approach. The Storm Surge can go all the way up to 60lbs when full. However, you can empty water to match your weight needs.

It has two different handle units, one like a bar on the bottom and two handles that are spread out on the top. This makes it a great, versatile tool for getting in a huge array of different workouts. As a bonus, the sloshing motion of the water is a great core-builder and helps you maintain stability and tone during your lifts. This is a problem with normal weights, and the Surge Storm will help you improve your form and muscle tone. We highly recommend this neat little piece of equipment for your home gym, training center, or even as a physical therapy tool. Buy Here

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