The Suunto 5 is a Next Level GPS Watch

For the active and adventurous type, nothing does the job quite like a GPS watch. With dependability and precision in mind, these watches are the creme of the crop. However, picking which GPS watch to get can be a tricky decision. Suunto 5 just made that decision a little bit easier by creating the ultimate compact GPS watch.

Why the Suunto 5 is the Swiss Army Knife of Watches

A watch tells time, a fairly simple job. But a watch can also do much more than that, and the Suunto 5 does much, much more than just tell time. Like many other fitness and GPS watches, this has a 24/7 activity tracking feature. This means it tracks things like how many steps you’ve taken, or calories you have burned. This watch also has fitness level and stress tracking. It tracks and monitors your VO2 max levels so you can view your progress throughout a workout. You can also use this feature to better plan workouts and recoveries to your specific fitness level. One of my favorite features of this watch is the GPS feature. You can plan your own routes and adventures, as well as view other commonly used ones and follow them through your watch.

The Suunto 5 also has adaptive training guidance, letting you follow a 7-day workout plan specific to you and your goals all through your watch. Along with an intelligent battery system that ensures it’s always got a charge, it still has over 80 different sport modes. These can all help you track and train your workout or even daily routine. If for some reason you can’t find the mode you’re looking for, you’re able to design your own apps in the watch to make sure you get exactly what you want.

The Suunto 5 is much more than just a watch. It’s also a trainer, and a training partner, even a GPS. This watch has everything you could possibly need, and a little bit extra. Buy Here

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