Even the Toughest Meats Don’t Stand a Chance: Svord Carcass Splitter

Nothing is more satisfying than slicing through a thick piece of meat with the ease of a hot knife through butter. Of course, nothing is more dissatisfying than having to saw back and forth with a dull knife struggling to make a cut. With the Svord Carcass Splitter, struggling to cut through meats is only a memory.

What Makes One Knife any Better Than Others…?

I’m sure a lot of you have already wondered how one knife can be better than another knife. If that’s you, then first you should note this isn’t a knife. It’s a carefully designed svord that has been created with butchers in mind to slice through any cut of meat. Now that that’s sorted, let’s get on with why this is so special. The materials of this carcass splitter are one of the biggest things setting it apart from other tools. This carcass splitter has a blade made of carbon steel. Carbon steel is incredibly strong. This means the blade is very durable and takes longer to dull than most other blades. This blade has a hardness of 58 HRC. It also has a very nice, but subtle natural finish. The handle is made from matte black Micarta. This is a great looking material that also is very easy to hold onto. With a blade like this, you don’t want it slipping out of your hand when used, and that is not an issue. The sheath to the blade is made of leather to keep is safely covered when not being used.

More Impressive Feats and Details

The Svord is made for butchers. It is not a decorative piece or collector’s item. It’s made to be used, this means it is easy to handle and the ideal tool for cutting serious hunks of any carcass. Dimensionally this carcass splitter is 28.75″ long. 11″ of that is made up of the blade. It tips the scales at 7 lbs. 1 oz. This may sound somewhat heavy, and it is. That is a good thing. The weight means it is stable and strong. When slicing through meats it is going to have more weight to carry its momentum than a lot of other cutting tools. The carbon steel blade is 7 mm thick and has had a hand applied differential temper of 58 Rockwell C along the cutting edge and spine. The handle is at 45 to 48 Rockwell C. The scabbard of this tool is made from vegetable tanned, hand-stitched Italian leather. This is an extremely high quality tool that brings butcher quality workmanship into your kitchen.

This product of New Zealand is made to work. With Butchers in mind, it has been designed to do real work and cut through any meat. With high quality materials and build quality, the Svord Carcass Splitter is ready to bring a professional grade cutting tool to your kitchen. So whether you’re a butcher, a hunter looking to do your own work, or simply a lover of meats who wants to prepare and cut carcasses on your own make sure you do it with the right piece of cutting equipment. Buy Here


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