Swatch Brings in a Bit of Bold, a Bit of Minimalist with the Big Bold Jellyfish Watch

The ’80s were a time of wacky and fun, which translated in the fashion as well. Trends like spandex, big hair, neon colors, and mullets ruled the era. All the cool kids had acid-wash jeans, shoulder pads, Members Only jackets, and Vans. As for the wristwear, Swatch was all the rage. The affordable timepieces hit the scene in 1983 and a couple of years later, there was a Swatch on every wrist. While Swatch offers your standard solid color and metal watches, they are definitely not shy about fun colors and patterns. There’s something for everyone and at a lower price point, Swatches can’t be beat. The Swiss-made timepieces are not only affordable, but also of great quality.


A modern update to a classic

One popular model that stayed in production for decades was the Jellyfish. Being clear for the most part made the Jellyfish a versatile and popular timepiece. There were several iterations, even a COSC-certified chronometer limited edition in 1990. Late last year, taking note of the continued success of the Jellyfish, Swatch released the Big Bold Jellyfish, a larger version of the classic. 

Sporting a more modern 47mm diameter face, the Big Bold Jellyfish is a full 13 millimeters larger than the original, which was a modest 34mm. Like actual jellyfish, you can see through the watch. The quartz workings are visible through the clear plastic case. The red, blue, and yellow hands bring a splash of color and personality to an otherwise simple watch. Like the original Jellyfish, the band is translucent silicone. One unusual feature of the watch is the crown’s position, which is at two o’clock. The watch is water-resistant to just about 30 meters.

The Big Bold Jellyfish is the latest addition to Swatch’s Big Bold family. It joins the recent limited editions created in collaboration with fashion label A Bathing Ape. These 47mm dial watches are perfect to express your personality while still keeping it simple. Buy Here


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