SwimEars Earplugs Let Sound In While Keeping Water Out


Let sound in, keep water out. That is the motto of SwimEars, a revolutionary earplug designed with your ability to hear in mind. And although being able to hear while wearing them is just a perk, these earplugs do so much more. They block water, cold air, dirt and bacteria to help prevent swimmer’s ear and bone growth in the ear canal (AKA surfer’s ear). If you are an avid swimmer or surfer, you need these in your life. Buy Here


Other features include: 

  • Customizable fit includes interchangeable sizes of buds and stabilization wings to ensure a watertight and comfortable fit
  • Acoustic mesh maximizes hearing while blocking water, cold air, dirt and bacteria
  • Stabilization wings secures earplugs during rigorous activities (two sizes included)

swimears headphones

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