Ball on the Go with the Swish Portable Hoop

Most basketball fans have probably had a little cardboard and plastic hoop on the back of a door in your house at some point growing up. A fun toy that gives you the ability to play anywhere indoors, but on a small and safe scale meant for kiddos. This was such a big hit for kids growing up, why has this never been made at a full sized scale for the more grown up basketball players? Well actually, it has been made full scale. It’s called the Swish Portable Hoop and it’s the full scale, go anywhere basketball hoop and ball.

Full Sized Basketball, Completely Portable

This full scale package has everything you need to play on the go. With an 18 inch wide rim, a basketball, pump, and backboard this really is the total package. The thought of carrying a basketball hoop with you definitely doesn’t sound very simple, but Swish has made it that way. By folding the rim up to lay flat against the backboard and using the straps like a backpack, you can carry it hands free. To avoid tangling the net you can even remove it before and after you play. Setting the hoop up is just as simple as carrying it. Once you find your makeshift court you just need to find a pole, post, or even a tree. Then, using the same straps you carry it with, strap them both around the pole and you’re all set to play.

One of the biggest benefits of this design that is even more convenient than a full permanent hoop is the adjustability. You can set the hoop as high or low as you want, and change heights and direction of the hoop quickly and easily. Maybe after playing a few games of 21, you decide to have a dunk contest… but maybe you can’t dunk on a ten foot rim. Problem solved: Loosen the straps a bit and bring the hoop down to wherever your vertical leap (which I’m sure is quite impressive) reaches its peak. So whether you’re performing extreme height trick shots, bringing it down for some dunks, or playing a serious game you can set the height with no limitations. With this adjustability, it almost seems better than a permanent metal and glass hoop.

Why the Swish Hoop Over a Permanent Driveway One?

Maybe you don’t travel all that much, and maybe a hoop with a permanent or fixed location would work just fine. Maybe this hoop isn’t really worth it, right? Actually, no. Have you ever played on a plastic hoop in a driveway? The one with the plastic tub of water that always seems to have a leak that’s supposed to anchor it down? The one that shakes every time a ball hits the backboard? Well, for the price of one of those hoops you could get around 4 of these portable hoops.

In case math isn’t your strong suit, that’s enough for 2 full court games. Not only is it more hoops, but with the portable hoop, you don’t have to worry about it shaking and wobbling after every shot. Maybe your thinking a full metal, in-ground basketball hoop would be another sturdy solution? I’ve got to admit, it would also be much sturdier than the plastic kind. So next time you have a spare $600 to $1,000 laying around, order yourself one of those in ground metal hoops. But if I were you, I think I’d save a grand and order a few Swish Hoops.

Whether you’re in need of a new hoop, or simply reading up on some new basketball equipment, you have to admit that this is a great product. For only $39.95 you can get a hoop with the ability to travel anywhere you go. Vacations, weekends, or family picnics will never be the same without a Swish Portable Hoop. So lace up, grab a ball, and go play. Buy Here


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