The Swiss Army Knife Book Teaches You How To Use This Classic Tool In Innovative Ways

We all know what a Swiss Army Knife is. Even if it isn’t your every day carry knife, we’re betting you still have one somewhere. Maybe it’s in the junk drawer or maybe it’s out in your camping backpack. Wherever it is, you should probably go dig it out. With this book, you’ll quickly be using your versatile red super-tool in awesome new ways. Even grilling. Intrigued? Find out how.

This book comes from renowned woodsman Felix Immler. He takes you into the world of using a Swiss Army Knife for something other than opening that bag of beef jerky. It is full of ideas for using your knife for making your camp comfortable. Each activity in the book uses nothing more than materials from the environment and a Swiss Army Knife.

You’ll learn how to make a waterproof roof, a chair, a table, how to carve spoons, knives, bowls, and more. You’ll even learn how to make a water driven spit for cooking chicken over the campfire. Yes, with just your Swiss Army Knife. So, not reallllllyyyy grilling but close enough. You can also use your knife to open up the bag of charcoal for real grilling. See, we told you.

This book is both an entertaining read and useful tool for any outdoor lover. Great for experienced survivalists and beginners alike. Get ready to use your Swiss Army Knife like never before. Buy Here


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