The SwitchPod Makes Vlogging a Whole Lot Easier

Vloggers, rejoice! An easier way to film is here! What’s in every vlogger’s arsenal? Camera, check. Mic, possibly. And a tripod! Sometimes a Pringles can or stack of books just doesn’t cut it. Any serious vlogger’s kit probably includes a tripod. The camera can be further away so you can fit yourself into a frame and you can be hands free. The Joby Gorillapod is one of the most popular tripods, not only for vloggers and bloggers. They’re flexible, yet rigid and are great for traveling. However, depending on the size of the Gorillapod and the weight of the camera, they sometimes won’t hold their position.

A new and easier way to vlog

YouTubers and entrepreneurs Pat Flynn and Caleb Wojcik wanted to design a solution that could handle various amounts of weight while still remaining lightweight. They have been running online businesses for over 15 years combined. Flynn is best known for his blog and podcast Smart Passive Income, which focuses on income experiments he conducts. Wojcik has a video production company and his YouTube channel and online courses teach creators how to make better videos. The duo has worked together for over five years, launching online courses, digital products, books, and YouTube videos.

The SwitchPod is the brainchild of Flynn and Wojcik’s work together. They developed the idea while attending a conference in 2017 and noticed how many vloggers were struggling with their equipment. They spent over a year creating and testing prototypes and getting feedback from people at events like VidCon and VidSummit until the SwitchPod was born. It’s a minimal, versatile, handheld tripod that’s easy to hold, intuitive, lightweight, and sturdy. It can be used similarly like a selfie stick for when you’re vlogging on the go at a outdoor fest or on vacation. In seconds, the SwitchPod transforms from handheld to tripod and back. It opens and closes quickly so you can move easily from shot to shot and waste no time setting up. Magnets keep the legs collapsed together in vlogging mode when it’s handheld. They’re also gentle enough that with a click of your wrist, you can easily switch to tripod mode.

Strong, but lightweight

Vlogging on the go has never been easier with the compact form of the SwitchPod. It’s very thin and compact even with its curved profile. Collapsed, the SwitchPod measures the diameter of a penny, making it thin and easy to pack into your carry on. You can also use a carabiner to quickly clip it anywhere for easy access. It’s made of aluminum alloy and weighs only 11.1 oz. In tripod mode, it stands 9 ¾” tall by 9 ¾” wide.

Despite its lightweight design, the SwitchPod is strong enough to hold heavy rigs and won’t sag. It will support a heavy camera, lens, mic, and more without collapsing, easily holding 100 pounds. The SwitchPod works with any camera, from a phone to a DSLR. It makes video making so much easier. Instead of messing with tripod mounting plates, the SwitchPod uses an embedded ¼-20” standard tripod screw and tightening knob so you can attach any camera in seconds. The other two ¼-20” threads make it easy to mount other accessories needed to capture all your can’t-miss moments, like a monitor, LED lights, or mic.

The inside edge of the SwitchPod’s arms are contoured, making it easy to hold. The finger grooves definitely help and allow you to grip it at your comfort level. The cut outs also help to reduce weight. The non-slip feet give you peace of mind when you’re setting your camera down and is quiet and discreet.

The SwitchPod launched on Kickstarter and has more than surpassed its $100,000 goal. It will retail for $99 and early backers can snag it for $69. The SwitchPod is set to ship this August. Buy Here

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