Swiza D01 Pocket Tool Is The Multi-Tool For Everyday Adventures

Ever heard of a Swiss Army Knife? Of course you have! After all, they are one of the most popular and useful knives around. They’ve been in the hands of soldiers, workers, and explorers for decades. Having a reliable knife, but also an assortment of other tools built-in is incredibly handy. Sometimes, knives with lots of tools aren’t reliable enough. That isn’t the case with the Swiza D01. Its sturdy build and sleek design make it perfect for carrying with you through all of life’s adventures.

This knife brings a modern touch to a timeless tool. Who doesn’t love a modern twist on an old favorite? At the same time, it remains true to what makes the pocket tool indispensable in the first place. It features a slimline 2.75” blade made from ultra-solid 440 stainless steel that locks for safe and sturdy cutting. The tool features an ergonomic design that makes opening it with either the left or right hand easy.

For everyone out there who wants more (me too) this tool also features a corkscrew for when celebration calls, along with tweezers and an awl, which is great for poking holes and opening things. The entire tool is machine-polished with a metallic finish that makes it sleek and attractive. It also includes a rubberized grip to keep it from slipping out of your hand during use or out of your pocket. Speaking of pockets, its ultra-slim design makes it great for carrying it in there.

Swiza covers their knife with a lifetime warranty, so you know you’re getting a tool that will last you forever. You really can’t beat a knife with a bunch of extra features that lives forever right? Basically, its like a knife demi-god. Buy Here

swiza DO1 Swiss Liner Button Lock

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