T-005 Cross Motorcycle Is The Perfect Cybertruck Companion

The world was on notice at the end of 2019 when Tesla unveiled its futuristic pickup, the Cybertruck. It’s sharp angles and long lines make it look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Not many vehicles can rival that dramatic aesthetic. However, the T-005 Cross motorcycle from Thrive is up to the task. This custom bike features the same style, profile, and steampunk vibes that made the Cybertruck an international phenomenon.

It Takes Two

If action movies have taught us anything over the years, it’s that every badass truck needs a two-wheeled companion. Although the T-005 Cross is certainly worthy of being a standalone bike, think about how cool it would be to roll this out beside (or out of) a Cybertruck.

It originated as a Yamaha Scorpio 225. However, its current form factor is unrecognizable from the donor bike. While the original frame is still present, a custom sub-frame has given it a completely new profile. Gunmetal gray components give it a tough look while its blocky angles make it futuristic. Meanwhile, black leather accents stand out with sharp contrast.

Under the seat, the engine has been rebuilt with a titanium vapor blasted finishing. In other words, it’s sparkling clean. Meanwhile, a custom stainless steel exhaust at the rear is fed by a titanium-wrapped pipe to maintain the sci-fi aesthetic.

Rev That Engine

Thrive’s T-005 Cross certainly isn’t a traditional bike. From its square headlight casting to the blocky shape, it stands out from the crowd.

However, with a bike this cool, that’s a good thing. It definitely won’t be mistaken for an everyday motorcycle. Instead, it will stand out at every turn, catching many curious eyes in the process.

Are you a time traveler or just a classy rider with futuristic tastes? We aren’t saying that the first one can’t be true, but riding this bike definitely confirms the second. Learn More

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