The Tactica Talon Multi-Tool Is A 17-In-1 Do-It-All EDC Tool

talon multi-tool

Seventeen tools in the palm of your hand. That is what Tactica is promising with the Talon multi-tool. The basic idea of the Tactica Talon is to shrink your toolbox to fit your minimalistic, yet always prepared for the unexpected, lifestyle. With 17 tools in one small and pocket-sized package, this multi-tool will have you ready for any situation life throws your way. Provided, of course, that the “situation” at hand can be solved with a multi-tool.

Talon Multi-Tool Tools

  • Box cutter
  • Metric ruler
  • Imperial ruler
  • Hex socket
  • High torque socket
  • Metric wrench sizes: 15 mm, 13 mm, 11 mm, 10 mm, 8 mm, 5 mm
  • Standard wrench sizes: 1/2”, 7/16”, 3/8”, 5/16”, 3/16”
  • Bottle opener
  • Storage compartment

Whenever I look at the multi-tools that we highlight here, I always make sure there is a bottle opener, because let’s be honest with ourselves, that is going to be the tool you use the most. Buy Here

talon multi-tool

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