Have a Bangin’ Good Time on Your Next Vegas Trip

Casinos, clubs, buffets and amazing acts—that’s what Vegas is all about. But when you need a break from all that glamor, work on your marksmanship at the largest shooting range in Nevada! Located right off the strip, you can fire off some rounds in between Hold ‘Em and Blackjack. This Black Ops Package gives you tactical firearms experience from the classic 9mm handgun to a SAW light machine gun. The professional staff will start with teaching your group safety precautions so you have a safe and exciting experience. You’ll be given targets and will get to hold and shoot:

  • MP5 (25 rounds) – 9mm submachine gun
  • M4 (25 rounds) – sub-machine gun
  • SAW (40 rounds) – a light machine gun
  • 9mm Handgun (10 rounds)

A day at the shooting range isn’t only for adults. Kids ages 10 and up can shoot, so this can be a whole family experience. Keep in mind minors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times. Everyone gets a t-shirt to commemorate the bangin’ experience along with your target sheets—decorated with headshots, surely. When you need an adrenaline rush and the slot machines don’t do it for you, maybe this will! Buy Here


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