The Taft Kennedy Shoe, Making You Feel Presidential

The soles of these shoes are made from only the finest leather. It is dyed by vegetables and is chromium-free. Taft chooses only the best full grain leathers. Each one is hand-selected and hand-inspected.

Due to these high standards, each shoe is able to stand up against the test of time. Adding to the painstaking detail put into the sole of the shoe, each pair is also hand-painted. The sole is indeed the soul of the shoe. So, the lovely people at Taft hand paint, stain, and burnished them individually. This allows each pair of shoes to be unique. Each stain is slightly different from the last. Each shoe is constructed with love.

Let’s Talk Taft

Keeping with the same theme of tanning and burnishing the leather, each piece is hand-cut. No lasers or machines involved here. Although this is time-consuming, the company says it is worth every second to ensure that only the finest parts of the hide are used. If you are familiar with leather shoes you may know that most companies only line part of the shoe in soft calfskin leather. When it comes to Taft, they want only the finest for your feet. This means that each shoe is lined entirely in calfskin leather.

Pep In Your Step

The soles themselves are made from stacked leather injected with rubber. This allows for extra comfort when walking for an extended period of time. Finally, the shoes are Blake stitched. This gives your foot plenty of room to move. You will find that it also adds sleekness to the shoe. You will not feel constricted in these one of a kind, top of the line, show-stopping shoes.

While we’re at it, we can’t just ignore the timeless design of these shoes. The grey Italian wool upper looks fantastic with any outfit and will certainly make people do a double-take. Buy here

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