Your Caddy Now Fits On Your Wrist: Tag Heuer Golf Watch

Have you ever watched a pro golf tournament and gotten jealous about the caddies that follow the players around? I mean, who wouldn’t? After all, caddies do about 90 percent of the work, golfers just have to swing.

But now, thanks to Tag Heuer, you can get your very own caddy that sits comfortably on your wrist. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t carry the clubs for you, but it does just about everything else. From terrain mapping to distance measurements, the Tag Heuer Golf Watch has you covered no matter where you are on the course.

We Recommend The 9 Iron (Or At Least Your Watch Does)

This watch has everything a golfer might think of when out on the course. 3D mapping for over 39,000 courses worldwide? Check. How about a scorecard for you and up to three friends? Yep. What about shot tracking that measures shot distances and average distances? You bet.

If you’re impressed already, get ready to have your socks knocked off. We haven’t even scratched the surface. And considering this watch boasts a sapphire glass cover, you won’t be scratching it anytime soon either.

Let’s talk about that shot tracking some more. With each shot you take, your watch will automatically track the distance and your ball’s new position on the course (or off it… hey, we won’t judge). Regardless of where your shot lands, Tag Heuer is at work gathering statistics to help your next one. This includes recommending what club to use and any other tips you should know based on your position and distance to the hole.

Even More Features

Even if you’re an amateur golfer just out for some fun on the weekend, Tag Heuer lets you keep track of your statistics like a pro. After each shot, the connected phone app (more on that in a second) stores data about your game. You can then go back through and look at your stats and performance over time sorted by clubs, courses, and more.

Meanwhile, the Tag Heuer Golf App helps you understand the statistics so you can use them to up your game. The phone app also acts as an interactive score card for your game. Easily track your score and your friends’ on the watch and they’ll be updated in real-time inside app. No more fumbling around for those tiny pencils. Seriously, why don’t they just use real pencils?

Classy Timepiece

If you’ve got to wear a polo shirt to play golf, you better have a snazzy timepiece to accompany you as well. Fortunately, the Tag Heuer Golf isn’t a clunky piece of tech. Instead, it combines Swiss watchmaking with the most advanced connective technology to give you a perfect addition to any country club attire. Ready to accompany you to greens worldwide, this watch is a beauty.

So, next time you’re out on the course thinking about how you wish you had a caddy, do one of two things:

1) Stop carrying your clubs and put them in the damn cart already. That’s what it’s for.

2) Get yourself a Tag Heuer Golf watch and start upping your game in every aspect. Buy Here


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