TagME’s Dripless Water Bowl Keeps Your Dog Hydrated And Your Floors Dry

It can be incredibly annoying when your dog finishes drinking out of their water bowl and leaves a mess on the floor around it. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could stay hydrated without spilling everywhere?

With the Dripless Water Bowl from TagMe, they can. This innovative bowl uses a floating reservoir that prevents water from splashing while your pup gets a drink. It’s a must-have item for owners of medium and large dogs.

Mess-Free Hydration

The Dripless Water Bowl works thanks to a floating disk that rests just above the water inside the main bowl. When a dog goes to get a drink, they press the disk down and a small amount of water fills it. They aren’t limited to a certain amount, but it ensures that water doesn’t slosh around.

For dogs who live outdoors, the floating disk also keeps their water clean by blocking things like dirt and fallen leaves.

The bowl’s curved design prevents the dog’s chin from getting soaked. That feature keeps water from dripping across the floor. It can also help keep certain breeds (like pitbulls and bulldogs) healthy by preventing moisture-related skin infections.

Worried that an eager dog will knock this bowl over? Don’t be. It features non-slip pads on its bottom that keep it firmly in place while your dog gets a drink.

Perfect Travel Companion

Thanks to those grip pads, this bowl is perfect for traveling. Your pup can still get a drink without making a mess in the back of the car, in a hotel room, or in your camper.

It’s easy to take apart and reassemble, which also makes it easy to clean.

Best yet, the bowl is made of non-toxic ABS plastic. It’s a material that’s both durable and safe for your dog to drink from. If you’re tired of water messes on the floor, this is the perfect solution. Buy here

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