Find Your Center With This Tai Chi Buddha Sand Garden

Since we were little kids, we’ve all had a fascination with playing in the sand. Just think of the hours spent digging around at the beach. The fluidity and simplicity of playing in the sand isn’t just for kids though. In fact, sand and rock stress gardens have been used in China and India for thousands of years. You can’t go wrong with a thousand-year-old tradition.

This Zen garden is the perfect mix of style and function. You can use it each day to help relieve your stress, or use it as a decoration piece for your office, man cave, or living room. The simplicity, crisp lines, and neutral colors make it a great modern addition.

On the left side of the black base is a faux ivory Buddha carving. Its simplicity alone will begin setting your mind at ease. As you continue to settle in, use the included bamboo rake to make exquisite designs in the sand. Choose which side to balance within the Tai Chi symbol filled with corresponding black and white sand.

This kit comes with everything you need to get started lowering your stress. It includes the base, the rake, some stones engraved with Chinese characters, as well as small candle for relaxing your mood even more. See, isn’t your stress already feeling better just reading about it? Imagine what it will be like once you get your fingers into that sand for yourself. Buy Here

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