Someone Made A Talking Donald Trump Piggy Bank And It Is Tremendous

Donald Trump Piggy Bank

We are not a political website, but far be it for us to randomly come across this talking Donald Trump piggy bank and just ignore it. You can’t see something like this and not share it with the masses. That wouldn’t be cool of us. Plus, this piggy bank might be exactly what we need to finally Make America Great Again. Or, more accurately, it will make your bank account slightly less depressing. And that can’t be a bad thing, right? Let’s not also forget, this can be the perfect gag-gift for both the liberals and conservatives in your life. That alone makes it a must-own item of 2017. Buy: $20

Voice Sayings:

“That’s gonna help build the wall!”
“That’s huuuuuge!”
“Fake coins!”
“Tremendous donation”
“Obama, you’re fired!”
“Don’t worry, Mexico’s paying for it”
“Smells horrible! Was that in your pocket all day?!”
“Oh that’s the money slot!”
“Put your money where my mouth is!”
“Grab’em by the penny”

Check out the entire Kickstarter here. And see the Donald Trump piggy bank in action below.


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