Tap A Watermelon And Drink Like You’re On Vacation

tap a watermelon

It’s time for you to tap a watermelon and start drinking like you’re on vacation. Simply by imagining that you’re somewhere warm and tropical, you’ll begin to forget that it’s freezing all across the nation. This tap system is designed to be injected directly into a watermelon, and it’s perfect for barbecues and get-togethers. Buy Here

tap a watermelon

With this Tap A Watermelon tap system all you need to do is fill it with vodka (or any other spirit) and you are good to go! You start by hollowing out the inside of the watermelon using a large spoon or scoop, and then adding whatever liquid you choose. If you’ve ever visited the tropics you’ve undoubtedly drank from a fruit before, and this is the next evolution of that.

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