Tap Strap Is A Wearable Keyboard For All Your Smart Devices

Is there anything more annoying than the stupid keyboard that pops up on screen with your smart devices? You know the one. The one that you have to somehow use to type your too-long password by navigating a block of alphabetized letters using nothing but four direction arrows. Okay, deep breath. But seriously, there’s nothing more annoying than the keyboards that come with smart devices. Fortunately, the Tap Strap is the perfect solution.

Tap is the perfect, all-in-one solution to control all your smart devices. It connects to almost all Bluetooth enabled devices (and what isn’t these days). This device is something straight out of the future.

The small device is as simple as a strap around your fingers. You don’t have to hold anything, grab anything, or keep your hand in a certain position. This keeps your hands free for other activities while you browse, type, and game.

Once you strap in, the Tap Strap allows you to control everything in your virtual world with ease. It acts just like a desktop mouse and keyboard. Glide your thumb around to move the cursor on screen and tap your fingers to click. That’s right, just tap them on anything and anywhere. The feeling is both surprising and satisfying.

The Tap Strap allows vision free and voice free control of your favorite devices. With just the fingers of one hand and any surface, you’ll be like a wizard controlling your smartphone and more. Taps become text and swipes of your hand become movements of your cursor on screen.

This device is great for normal devices like phones, tablets, and even some smart TV’s. But, it’s even better for cutting edge tech like virtual reality, augmented reality, and more. Tap Strap revolutionizes the way that you can interact with these devices. By keeping your hands free, your experience becomes more immersive than ever.

It’s also great for people struggling with vision. The groundbreaking device lets users interact with their devices without the need to see. For those struggling with wrist or finger strains from too much time on the computer, this device is also a lifesaver.

Tap comes in two sizes to fit any wrist and hand. Whether you need size small or large, you’ll love the big impact it has on your productivity. The device is made from advanced, biocompatible materials. These allow for free movement and comfort while you tap. It features a micro-size battery that gives you a solid 8 hours of operating time.

If all the cool uses, high-tech materials, and simple control isn’t enough, the Tap Strap looks badass. Just imagine controlling your devices with ease (and one hand) waving through the air while your colleagues struggle with a crusty keyboard and mouse. It doesn’t get any better than the Tap Strap. Buy Here


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