TattooMoto Makes Motorcycles With Soul

We all know that motorcycles are badass to begin with. Now, what happens if you take a normal bike and trick it out to be fully customized? You get an even more badass bike. That’s what TattooMoto does for a living. They take normal bikes, enhance them to “bring out the soul of the bike”.

So, you might be asking what it looks like to bring out the soul of a bike. If so, then read on. If not, then why are you reading this post in the first place? Below are just a few examples of the sick bikes that TattooMoto has made. We should note that none of them are actually for sale because the company wants to stay true to its roots of building bikes as a passion, not a job.

Be Good Or Be Gone


The basis for this bike is a 1986 BMW R80. After the bike was wrecked on the highway, the bike was given a second chance at life. The tank was raised 3” at the start, and custom artwork by David Vicente is a classy reminder to be good.


The Flynn


This one came from a `986 R80 and is a blend of the Brat and café styles. It has been fitted with custom Fat Champ Deluxe tires, a modified sub frame, powder coated wheels, rear sets, and a Monza gas cap. Oh, and it comes with a Acewell computer.

For anyone who wants to check out some awesome bikes, browse the incredible collection at TattooMoto and you won’t be disappointed. Learn More

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