The New TaylorMade M3 And M4 Drivers Feature A ‘Twist Face’ Technology

If you are reading that headline and thinking, “What the hell is Twist Face technology and why the hell do I need it?” you’re not alone. But after you hear what this new technology on the TaylorMade M3 And M4 drivers does, you might be upgrading your big stick for 2018.

Twist Face technology, according to the company, “is TaylorMade’s solution to counteract golfers’ most common misses, more specifically, those resulting from the high toe and low heel impacts.”

Great. Grand. Wonderful. But what does that mean, exactly? Well, it means your miss hits will fly straighter, because science. Or something like that.

Here is a video that better explains why the Twist Face technology in the Taylormade M3 and M4 is a game changer.

Essentially, the Twist Face technology helps counteract your misses. According to Taylormade:

“To counteract the high-toe miss (a hook), the driver face has been ‘twisted’ open (loft increased & face opened) on the high-toe to help straighten ball flight. Similarly, to counteract the low-heel miss (a slice) the driver face has been twisted closed to de-loft and close the face in the low heel area. Ultimately, TaylorMade’s Twist Face technology delivers a corrective face angle when hit off-center for longer, straighter shots.”

Every company in the golf club game promises longer and straighter drives, but TaylorMade is so confident that this technology is going to make you more accurate that they sat down all of their top professionals to explain the technology to them. They all seemed very impressed and excited to take the M3 and M4 drivers out for a spin.

If you want to get your hands on a M3 or M4 driver, they will be available for purchase at major golf retailers on February 16, 2018.

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