Tech Folio Laptop Organizer Makes Your Computer Happy

Meet Tech Folio, the 13-inch laptop organizer of your dreams. For all of you A-type, anal-retentive, OCD people out there hold on to your color-coded planner because this organizer is about to rock your world.

Keep your precious laptop nice and comfy in the padded sleeves of this carrier. Once your laptop is all tucked away snug as a bug in a rug you can know it is resting comfortably in the scratch-free lining of the case.

Just like you, this laptop case only gets better with age. Made with premium leather, the more you love it (and carry it around) the softer it will feel.

The Main Amenities

All of your favorite things are kept tucked away safely by a galvanic-plated metal zipper so feel free to fling this baby wherever and however you want.

The inside of the Tech Folio is no less impressive than the outside. It is locked and loaded with two pockets ready to hold all of your go-to items for those pesky 8 am meetings. For example, it can comfortably hold your laptop (well, of course), a MacBook charger, an extra battery pack, some business cards, two pens, a pair of headphones, and your cell phone.

What’s even left to put in your pockets?

Make Your Pockets Sad

Not only does Tech Folio come in two stylish colors, caramel and black, it eliminates all need for cargo pants. Gone are the days of having to wear a belt because your pockets are just too heavy.

I know your pockets will feel left out at the end of the day but at least you won’t have to do the pocket check every time you leave a room. You can now leave knowing that everything you need is tucked into one nice place. Buy Here

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