Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized Sky Tent Turns Your Vehicle Into A Comfortable Night’s Sleep Anywhere

If you love camping, then you know there’s nothing worse than waking up with a sore back after sleeping on uneven ground. Finding a great spot for your tent is a struggle. But what if you could hoist your tent up into the sky and sleep on a perfectly even, perfectly comfortable surface? Better yet, what if we told you that everything attaches to your vehicle for easy transport and set-up? And, that it’s all built with heavy duty materials for you to take anywhere? That is exactly what the Kukenam Sky Tent from Tepui has to offer.

To start, follow an easy installation video to get your tent set-up and attached to the roof rack or crossbars of your vehicle. It’s so easy that you’ll feel like you can fix anything afterwards. That leaky sink you’ve been getting hounded about? No problem.

The Kukenam tent easily attaches to the top of your car using steel brackets and fasteners. It is made with “ripstop” 360g dual stitched fabric to help make the tent more durable, hence the “ruggedized” tag. This model is built to take on any camping trip. You’ll have to worry more about whether your vehicle can make it there.

To get sleeping, just remove the tent from its included, weather-resistant travel cover, pull down the ladder, and unfold the tent. Then, you can climb up into it for a peaceful night under the stars on the built-in mattress. A detachable rain fly gives you either protection from the elements or two sky panels for excellent views when unattached. Sleeping on the ground in a tent is overrated. One night in this and you’ll never sleep on the ground like a commoner again. Buy Here

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