Terrex_WM Two GTX Shoes Can’t Be Beat

When it comes to outdoor shoes, the goal isn’t so much finding stylish ones to buy but ones that get the job done. Whether this means keeping your feet dry, safe, or both, look no further than the Terrex Two collaboration between Adidas and White Mountaineering. Better yet, these shoes don’t look like something your dad would wear. For an outdoor shoe, they are pleasing to the eye and certainly not too bulky. And for once, someone made an outdoor shoe that isn’t tan. Seriously, people, who likes tan shoes?

Adidas x White Mountaineering

Tokyo-based label White Mountaineering has teamed up with Adidas to bring this unique and functional shoe to life. With their organic approach to technical apparel, the shoe is a winner all-around. The design keeps rough terrain in mind so that you can feel confident about your footing no matter where you step. If you’re on a gravel trail, icy path, or sandy shore, these shoes will keep you more sure-footed than a mountain goat. Inspired by Adidas’ dedication to the outdoors (and high quality footwear) and elevated to the next level by Japanese designer Yosuke Aizawa’s sartorial perspective, this shoe is unrivaled.

Stay Dry With GORE-TEX®

You can’t be the industry standard for keeping things dry: GORE-TEX®. This revolutionary material has been keeping campers, soldiers, and workers dry for many years. Its breathable nature makes it perfect for the lining of the Terrex Two. The GORE-TEX® delivers comfortable performance and unyielding waterproofing. Get the best of the best now on your feet.

Easy Lacing On The Fly

A unique feature of this shoe is its one-touch adjustable bungee lacing. When you get into the great outdoors and your shoes get coated with water and mud, there is nothing worse than having to re-tie them. Who wants to tie shoes with muddy, soggy, cold laces? We sure don’t. Fortunately, you’ll never have to worry about that with the Terrex Two. Their elastic, one-pull bungee system gives you a secure fit without ever tying a knot. You can leave that to the Boy Scouts.

Safety And Performance

When you’re hiking on a trail with loose rocks, you often feel some sharper ones jabbing through your sole. With the Terrex Two, you won’t feel any of it. The stiff yet comfortable rubber sole stands up to even the sharpest of rocks with ease. Fortunately, the EVA midsole makes the whole shoe much more comfortable and makes that bed of rocks feel more like a fluffy cloud.

If you’re looking for your next pair of hiking or outdoor shoes, you should certainly consider the Terrex Two. Adidas has knocked it out of the park on this one and created a shoe that should be a staple in your outdoor gear collection for years to come. Buy Here


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