Tertill Is Like A Roomba For Your Garden — A Solar-Powered Waterproof Weeding Robot

Tertill Weeding Robot

Tertill is a self-charging, waterproof robot that lives outside in your garden and does all of the weeding. Tertill is like a Roomba for garden weeding. I’m on the verge of calling this ingenious robot a ‘miracle invention’ because it appears to be exactly that.

If you have ever attempted to maintain a home garden then this is the robot you have been waiting for. This robot takes care of all your weeding needs. It is the easiest way to maintain a weed-free vegetable and/or flower garden.

Is the hype behind Tertill real? Yes, it is. This incredible gardening robot was built by Joe Jones, the roboticist who invented the Roomba. As you know, the Roomba is the most successful household robot ever built. The Roomba is a fully-autonomous home vacuum that charges itself. It maintains the cleanliness of your floors without any work at all. Joe Jones is seeking to catch lightning in a bottle twice by unleashing this garden weeding robot into the world.

Currently, Tertill is only available for purchase on Kickstarter but that will soon change. As mentioned above, this was created by the inventor of the Roomba. That is a man with unimaginable wealth. Even if this product isn’t fully funded on Kickstarter, which it will be soon, the Tertill Gardening Robot will still be released to the public.

Bullet points include:

— Weatherproof, so it will never need to come inside when it rains
— Solar-powered, this robot is self-charging
— Chemical Free, the Tertill doesn’t use any chemicals on your garden
— Bluetooth-enabled, connect to your weeding robot via Bluetooth

Tertill Weeding Robot

In the past year, I have become a first-time homeowner. Every day I grapple with weeds in the flower beds around my house. Maybe I want to believe the Tertill is a miracle product, but all the evidence suggest it is. The people backing this product have a proven history of success. The tutorials of this weeding robot in action are incredible.Tertill Weeding Robot

If you would like to purchase a Tertill today you can become a backer on Kickstarter. The introductory price begins at $199, and it is estimated to ship in March 2018.

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