Meet The Tesla Model Y

Everyone has been in high anticipation for Tesla to release its long-awaited Model Y. This all-electric compact SUV will hit the streets in late 2020. We can’t wait. Electric cars are the future of everyday transport, like it or not. But don’t worry, we’ll still have gas performance cars. Wouldn’t you like to do some good for Mother Earth on your daily commute though by reducing emissions and driving electric?

Thirteen years after Elon Musk set out to make electric cars profitable (and cool) the world has taken notice. The billion-dollar company has our attention with their Model Y. In case you haven’t been paying close attention, Musk has taken a rather comical approach to naming Tesla’s cars. They have the model S, 3, X, and now Y. Get it? Look closer.

One Sexy Car

Do you get it now at least? If not, we can’t help you. While we don’t know all the details about Tesla’s upcoming SUV and won’t for some time, we do know part of the features that the car will bring to the table. For example, the Model Y will be able to travel 230 miles standard. Upgraded versions like the dual-motor AWD can go 280 miles while the long-range model can go 300.

There is also a performance version of the Model Y. This ride tops out at a surprising 150 mph. Now, this is nothing compared to some traditional sports cars slated to hit the market in the next few years. However, we have no issues with an all-electric car that can zoom at 150. In fact, it spells good things for the industry as a whole. Just wait until a Tesla tops 200. Maybe Elon will strap a Falcon rocket onto it.

High Tech, High Function

The Model Y is being touted primarily for its spaciousness. No pun intended, SpaceX. The car seats seven comfortably even though it doesn’t look like it from the outside. It also features a front-trunk and split-folding seats for 66 cubic feet of storage space.

Here’s where things get really interesting. The Model Y doesn’t have a key. Nope, not even a remote start key. Instead, you’ll start up your ride with a connected smartphone app. The app will be used to lock and unlock the car, remote start, and summon the car to your position. Yes, you read that right. Must claims that the Model Y and its 15-inch touchscreen dashboard will be equipped with full self-driving features after its release.

As an added bonus, he states that the Model Y will be the world’s safest mid-sized SUV. Considering the Model 3 was awarded the lowest probability of injury for any car by the U.S. government, we’re confident this is true. Since the battery pack sits low in the floor and the car will feature large crumple zones, the Model Y should do a fantastic job of keeping its occupants safe.

For now, keep your eyes peeled for more info on the Model Y. You never know when or how Musk will release new details. We don’t really care how the details get to us as long as we get to know more about this awesome car. Buy Here


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