The Tesla T1 Concept Is One Of The Most Futuristic Concept Cars Ever

tesla t1 concept

When it comes to concept cars, I wouldn’t expect anything less than this Tesla T1 Concept from Elon Musk. The man is an envelope pusher so it is only natural that the Tesla T1 concept car is a huge deviation from the norm.

This concept was designed by designer Omar Alfarra Zendah for the Michelin Design Challenge 2017, but don’t plan on seeing this thing in production until at least 2030 (if ever). The T1 features free-standing wheels that have in-wheel vertical turbines which create renewable power by pulling air through ducts and into a large turbine at the back of the car.  The T1 also can create enough power to produce 1,340 HP making it one fast as hell concept car. Learn more about the T1 Concept here

tesla t1 concept tesla t1 concept tesla t1 concept

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